My company of over 700 employees was going through a cultural change from a somewhat traditional organization to one that exemplified empowerment, accountability, respect, and relationships in order to succeed. Helen Dahlhauser played a crucial role working with approximately 100 leaders helping them develop new communication skills and the self-awareness needed to make this transition. It was clear that almost all operational problems within the company related directly to relationship issues. Helen was invaluable in educating the management team as well as guiding them as they worked through the issues as they arose. Our success in changing our culture and management style was due largely to Helen's skills and passion.

Scott Wilkerson

I have repeatedly had miracles happen in both my business and my personal life, by practicing the skills and doing the work that Helen has taught me to do. As I practice my work with Helen in my life, I find that I am truer to my values, I can find peace, feel gratitude, and have a gentle sense of humor even in difficult situations, and I am able to forgive myself and others more easily than ever. My business is strong, profitable, and stable, as a direct result of applying the skills and doing the work with business associates- my partners and I say that having what Helen teaches as a resource is our biggest secret to success.

Kathy Redmond-Hamlin

In the 7 years of working with Helen, I have come to consider her a trusted midwife for the witnessing and excavation of my hidden selves. Not only does she gently nudge you towards yourself but lovingly urges you to pry into the deep crevices that have been long guarded by pain and woundedness. And, when those places emerge, Helen diligently and gently assists in the sewing back together those pieces of self that have been torn from those original places and helps move them rightly back into the tapestry you were born with. My work with her has been the most sacred and honest work I have ever done.

Julie Friedman

I first met with Helen about 4 years ago. I was very impressed with her ability to be succinct and to help identify core issues. Once Helen taught me to identify issues on my own and to manage those stressors, my life became much more enjoyable. I have such a strong belief in Helen's techniques that I take my entire office once a month for communication seminars.

Bill Layman

Working with Helen has not only changed my life dramatically but also how my company functions to allow a more open inviting environment built on respect and trust. Helen’s support, encouragement and guidance has taken me to a level of personal growth and awareness I never imagined was possible and the freedom that comes with that has been rewarding. She has also helped me become a better leader and to trust my gut which has transformed my company from the inside out. The transformation has been amazing.

Tina Denham
President of Ice Cold Air