Laser Damage Counseling

Have you had a traumatic experience with a laser treatment? In the past two years, I’ve been working with several clients who have suffered significant injury as a result of a cosmetic laser treatment.

Quite often, the damage experienced by these victims not only cause physical scarring, but also emotional trauma, too. If this has happened to you, and you are seeking counseling, this has become a specialty of mine. Together we’ll  help you find your voice, find your center and move forward from your experience.

A little background…

Like many of you, I’d seen ads for dermatological service using lasers. I never gave it much thought until began working with a client who had suffered damage from a seemingly simple laser procedure. Up until then, I hadn’t realized there was a community of people who have had negative experiences from these procedures, some of which have caused disfigurement, emotional trauma and a sense of isolation.

My first client referred others and I’ve now been working with victims of laser damage for about two years. As a result, I now have several people whom I work with, all from different parts of the country, even the world.

I have deep empathy and concern for the people whom I work with, it is important and they are. This is rapidly becoming a new specialty of mine.

If you have had a traumatic experience with laser damage and are seeking counseling to assist you in navigating the myriad of emotions this can bring up, I can help.

Things to Know:

  • Coaching sessions take place over the telephone
  • To assure confidentiality, I do not record client sessions. However, you are welcome to record your session using your own methods.
  • I ask for 24-hours notice of any cancellation or rescheduling request

Counseling Options

Single Session: $150

This is a one hour phone session.


One Month Program: $500

This is a one-month, four session package.


More about my clients’ experiences

My clients have varying degrees of damage as well as recovery. The common themes are all of them went in for minor touch ups on their faces. Spider veins, a small wrinkle in the forehead,a finishing pick me up before a wedding. All relatively minor procedures that would enhance subtlety in many cases an already beautiful face.

Imagine the horror in discovery this “minor” procedure caused eye damage,changes in physical features scarring and later down the line body changes.

My first thought was the physicians would hustle to rectify the situation. In each case and many more,I was wrong. Patients were dismissed as hysterical, people who were aging early and had imaginary symptoms. The beauty business is the oils business of medicine, unfortunately the unwillingness to accept personal responsibility, get rid of certain lasers that over and over again caused damage speaks to the fact that greed has permeated the medical profession. It is easy to discredit a traumatized person, they already feel victimized and uncertain, so simply deny,deny,deny. It is the oldest trick in the book “my hand isn’t in the cookie jar” and it has been working for centuries. When the medical profession stoops to this for fear of being sued or even more so stopping the golden goose we are talking about a moral depravity that has caused pain, tragedy and despair in countless numbers of people, women in particular.

To damage my face is to takeaway part of my identity. To be discounted as being vain is a deflection from the deeper issue. It is not so different from rape victims of the past who were made “wrong’ because of the clothing they wore,”or countless other things.