Coaching FAQ

Questions about coaching?

Isn’t coaching a buzz word and everyone seems to be one?

Yes and yes.  Coaching has become very popular and there are many people doing it.  If you read my site and feel drawn to me then we are probably a fit.  If not search till you get the hit inside that says”this is the one!” In either case best of luck to you. Warmly,Helen


Is spiritual coaching religious?

Spirituality to me is an attunement to my surroundings and a way of living that is respectful to myself and others. I find great sustenance in Nature and Art of all kinds. When I delve into my creativity I touch my spirituality and yours. It is connectedness, nothing more or less.


Why should I choose you? I

I don’t know,that would be for you to decide and to listen to your instincts but if you are intrigued pay attention, something is calling you.


You are a therapist, what is the difference between therapy and coaching?

Good question. Therapy is more about rooting out issues from the past and caching about dealing in the present and moving forward. The nice thing is I am a safety net if a dark spot shows up so you don’t fall off the cliff.


When Michelangelo chose the rock,he said he chose the one with the angel inside. One of my gifts is I see the glorious in you and I help you to see it too.