About Helen

I have been a therapist and coach for 25 years but I am more. I am an actress,business consultant/coach and an author. I have specialized training in spirituality which enables me to work effectively with those looking for soul purpose and expansion, yet enhances my ability in the personal and business realms.

I incorporate all of these into my individual design of coaching.

Staying in one realm felt too limiting so I use psychodrama, poetry, many different methodologies with business, personal and spiritual expansion. The irony is the core of all is authenticity, to be a fine actor truth in role is essential.

Businesses with purpose and authenticity tip the scales of success and individuals who embrace who they truly are walk into a life filled with grace.

Assisting individuals and businesses in authentic expression is my passion. I have a unique blending of skills that gives me great expertise.

I have another attribute that is even more powerful, I love my work, the creativity, the adventure and most importantly, my clients.

How I show up as your coach

  • I am beautifully creative, I help you fly with humor and souls purpose
  • I help you go beyond what you can see
  • I am a delicately veiled taskmaster that understands the soul yet helps the body to move
  • I help you find the parts of yourself perhaps forgotten or not yet discovered
  • I am more than I have ever been, I can help you be as well
  • I am Soul Remembered
  • I am clarity, love and practicality stirred with magic and a dash of mischief
  • Magic happens through me because that is why I am here
  • Loving you into the stars creates joy for all
  • Magical, brilliant,wise and clear, I am here for you