Business Coaching

Since 1995 I have been teaching and facilitating communications courses for  businesses.

I taught the top management team at Lincoln-Carlisle for three years. I also oversaw 5 other therapist teaching the courses to all 600 employees.  Since that time I have been the weekly facilitator for a franchise business with 17 stores. In addition, I have run courses for an Orthodontist’s office and facilitated  group of physicians who desired to improve their communication skills.

Communications Skills Coaching:

You may have the best product or service in the marketplace. You may have recruited the best and brightest people on your team. However, if your company’s or team’s communication skills are lacking, it can cause profound challenges for your business. In the world where teamwork and communication are essential, the type of training that I offer can produce positive shifts for your organization. The major purpose in teaching this work is to help any organization run more effectively. The impact of this course has shown itself in less turnover, greater profits and overall happier employees.

Each client I work with is unique and I offer a complimentary consultation to learn more about your needs and intentions for working together. Then I will prepare a proposal and submit a course outline developed for your organization.

Sample topics include:

  1. Overview of communication skills . The purpose of these skills and self assessment of personal knowledge.
  2. Ability to verbalize effectively , to clearly communicate personal wants and needs.
  3. Active listening skills.
  4. Gentle confrontation.
  5. Resolution of  disagreement.
  6. Ongoing relationship building.

Business coaching & consulting proposals & rates are based upon scope of project. Please contact me to discuss your project.