Spirituality in Business

How does spirituality fit with business?

In the 90’s it was a brand new concept. I worked with the president of several car dealerships using Peter Senge’s work on Learning Organizations. Now it is truly becoming popular and I have this backlog of experience.

Businesses are finding that to have meaning and purpose not only makes for more productive and happier employees, it makes for much greater profitability. It isn’t such a stretch to see how authenticity and building respectful relationship move the profits way into the black.

Strangely business is where the spiritual bankruptcy started and it is where it is being healed. I find it fun,exciting and deeply rewarding. Money alone won’t keep things flowing, a sense of belonging and being part of something motivates people much more deeply. I love the work I do with businesses, am thrilled when  the turnaround happens and people begin to connect the dots. Spirituality is simply about connection, it is fun and easy!

In the 90’s Peter Senge wrote a book on Learning Organizations.A futuristic visionary asked me to work with him and his staff in  his car dealerships  to help bring about a paradigm shift..We were among the first to do this,we had great successes and some very real battle scars. I did this for 3 years. When the dealership was bought out I discontinued. I was teaching and overseeing communication skills for about 600 people. The essence of the process is that with an atmosphere  of mutual respect and authenticity, employees feel more a part of,are more deeply committed, In turn they treat customers with  respect which translates to building relationships. Once that is done the sales flow. This isn’t about gimmicky techniques to  up profit,It is about developing a business that has meaning and purpose, paradoxically the profits rise rapidly. By emphasizing  people and values an attitude  begins which permeates the culture. with Integrity and pride Asthis become part of the norm, it creates an atmosphere that begets creativity, flow and excitement. It is the petridish of the future in business. I have continued to work with a  franchise business doing the same thing. It is mandatory for the owners and managers to work with me for one year. The result has been a true shift and what once was a dubious business is one that embraces these values and continues to gain in profit  regardlesss of the economy. There is much less turnover, and a sense of real accomplishment about doing things “differently’.  I do individual coaching with individuals  at risk and those who want to go far.I do workshops on site and teleclasses for businesses.