Remembering the Fairies

Hello all you adults.who love fairies and have grown closed and embarrassed of those parts. Let me tell you an adult fairy tale.

Once upon a time in a far off land lived a little girl.She loved playing outdoors ,walking through the forest, skipping to the sound of the streams and the wind. The birds were her delight and she made great friends with a fawn who lived next door.. She was a very serious little girl and aware of the pain of others. She treated her teddy bears with much tenderness and loved her dolls even when their faces cracked from too much washing. The thought of any creature being in pain hurt her heart so deeply she would cry. She spent lots of time outside exploring happily. Her world was even more gorgeous and mysterious in the winter. Her walks would include seeing snow angels that danced down in the flakes and spread themselves over branches an the land. The shear loveliness of her existence almost broke her heart with joy. She was loved and safe and amazingly happy.

One night she heard strange cries, she ran to her parents room and begged them to listen. They told her it was nothing. She cried herself to sleep, she knew something awful was happening. Early the next morning she got up and saw her friend the fawn had jumped the fence. Wild dogs had torn it apart. A loneliness settled into her soul, she knew she had been right. She wasn’t heard, and couldn’t help. Her tears were deep and soulful, her heart was broken.

She was a child and learned to laugh and play again but she never forgot. She carries that pain to this day ,she knows she needs to help because she can’t bear creatures being torn apart by rage, and greed.

For a long time she helped but didn’t face her pain. One day her fairies came back to her life. She was a woman now but wept with joy that her beloved ones had returned to her life. When she blocked her pain about the sweet fawn, she started to leave her fairy friends too.

Today she walked into the blinding sunlight early in the morning. She heard a male voice say thank you. She laughed because the light was so bright she didn’t see him. He looked shy and said the flowers were beautiful. He doesn’t know it but he is an angel and she recognized him. She sent him flowers bcause her cleans the lake and keeps it clear and beautiful so the city doesn’t use pesticides to kill the wildlife. He is older and retired and she supects very lonely. He gives to everyone and she wanted to say thank you. She told him he was the one who was to be thanked but he brought more beauty to her life by his deeds. She realized the fairies taught her to do this. Her Mother was lovely and had wonderful manners but this came from the fairies. Her heart is filled with love ,gratitude and a peace that left when her friend was killed.

She won’t tell the man he is an angel,she just smiles and waves,she knows the fairies are helping her to sprinkle fairy dust.She is happy.