Fairy Tales: Latimer

Hello my darlings,where was I when I left you? Ah yes I went to find the Prince Rouge to ask him what he had heard of the Princess of the White Rose. The old toad said he heard the Sun and moon were going to kiss by the end of the month.

Well, it was no easy journey to find himself you know! Nothing against the Prince but he doesn’t always leave word how someone (myself, lovely ones0 can find him). I’m an old one you know and running around the countryside isn’t my idea of the way to spend the afternoon in this bone chilling weather.

Well, never mind that, find him I did and would you guess what he was doing??? He was drawing a picture of the Glen where he last saw the Princess. Every December he draws a picture for her return. 300 of them you see little babes… he loves her so. When I told him what the old toad said, he jumped up and said “I must go to the edge of the earth.” Well off we go again, this time on his horse. His highness was kind enough to give me a ride. We went to where the road ends and meets the ocean.”  This is where she said to wait for her “he muttered.” When i hear the word I’m to come hear and stay till I see the mark of lips upon the face of the moon.

That’s all well and good but it’s December and he had no coat or food, what was he thinking??

“Yes,yes,you guessed it.” I walked into the nearest town and got him some supplies. When I returned he looked at me, “Have you ever known anyone braver than my White Rose? She went by herself into the unknown because she loved me and her people. Tell me again about the prophecy when she was born,it brings me great comfort and joy.”

I remembered the day I saw the little Princess White Rose for the first time. She was such a sweet looking little  one but so filled with mischief, I saw it in her eyes the second I spotted her. She was surrounded by white roses and all the folk were singing and dancing.

Suddenly an old Gnome appeared to the crowd. “See that tiny thing!!She will be banished from all of you for 300 years. She will walk the world among THEM. If she holds true and the redman does too you will live in full sight of the sun but, during her exile, a shadow will fall for hundreds of years and hidden you all will be.”

The crowd hushed but the Queen sprang up and said, “Nonsense, go away you troublemaker, save your unhappiness for the superstitious fools who believe you. I will always protect my daughter from such silliness.”

Alas,my darlings,the Queen died within 2 years and15 years later the Gnomes prophecy came true.It’s 300 years later and we pray the time of reconciliation is at hand.

What no one knew was the Queen believed the Gnome and had embedded in her daughters ear, a tiny chip that would warn her of mortal danger and lead her through the most treacherous paths. It sang in sunlight and reminded her of her legacy everyday.

So it was on a cold December evening Prince Rouge and I sat bundled up against the cold to wait for the Princess. “Latimere! Latimere! ” the Prince called. “Look at the sun.” It was a huge fiery ball that was beginning to sink into the sea. “Does it seem closer than usual?” the Prince asked.  Suddenly I saw, just before the sun set a  full moon rose… for a brief second they shone at each other…  or was this the kiss? We watched as the moon rose high in the sky.. “Latimer,what does that look like to you? It was a dark spot on the moon. no it was the mark of lips…”heaven help us the prophecy had come true!!

I heard a soft sound like a blanket dropping,I looked at the Prince. He was staring away from the sea,he was moving in a trance toward a bundle of rags on the beach. I stood back,it wasn’t a bundle of rags, it was moving,it was luminescent,a white silhouette…”Oh,my blessed Veragenese,” it was the Princess. They moved toward each other as if nothing else in the entire Universe mattered.

Just as they embraced a legion of men on horses appeared. They were dressed in black and mounted dark stallions. “Halt” they cried. They were addressing the Princess .The King sent us to bring you to the Palace the moment you appeared. “No” shouted the Prince,”Don’t touch her. I will send anyone to prison ,who gets near her.”

“Oh Sire, you are to come too, your Father said he only wants to honor both of you properly”

“Your Father promised we could marry if I would go into the mortal world. I have been gone 300 years and fulfilled my promise”  The Prince looked at her tenderly,”  I am afraid he has a trick up his sleeve. Let us go our own way and let him come to us.” The sounds of the restless stallions rang through the night air “fat chance I thought to myself’ the old King was up to no good but he had them backed up against the Ocean.”

“Latimere”,”Latimere” a shout went out and  would you believe 33 fairies,42,elves and 99 fireflies came out and surrounded the Prince and Princess. I quickly joined them. The Prince looked at the Dark men”tell my Father,”I will hold him to his promise”WE will send for him within a few days” A swirl of light and sparkling dust surrounded us all till we were safe in the forest.

Now my darlings,I am an old man and you will have to wait till next week for more of this.