Fairy Tale: Prince Rouge

Hello my fairy friends,

I am back to teach you of the tales of yore when you were recognized by most.

Have you ever wondered little ones why we went into hiding?

To save our race my darlings,to save our race. We were being sought out to perform feats that weren’t in our constitution and even more than that they (I’ll tell youabout THEY) later. THEY were asking us to deny our lovely earth and use our gifts for profit,theirs not ours.Sadly though there are those among them who are good and pure we had to go into hiding not to be used in a way that would destroy our race.Yes,darlings,our very existence depended on it.

At that time we had a Princess of the realm of the White Rose,she was lovely my dear and so funny,she could outdance most of the elves ,if you can imagine that.Well, she fell in love with no one less than his royal highness Prince Rouge ,incognito for Prince of the Red Rose.He fell so in love with our little Princess but the King said he was forbidden to see her.He was afraid you see that if they married they would have pink children and the Red kingdom would cease to exist.

Our Princess was so sad,she even went to a ball and refused to dance.

The King told them they could marry If she would be willing to walk the earth alone, away from her people till she found a place where the sun set and the moon rose and kissed as they changed places. She told us all that she loved us and that she would be back soon.

As for Prince Rouge, he was so angry with his father he refused to go to the Palace for any festivities except his Mother’s birthday. He devoted himself to help our people and he is the one who led us into hiding so we wouldn’t be used by THEM.

I suppose it is time I explained about THEM. THEM are people who have forgotten about God and the Angels, the Fairies and all of the rest of the wonderful realms that make this place so sought after by other worlds. Many are nice but they cut down forests with no thought for all the life and don’t even realize there are ways to help us that would help them too.THEM are the people who don’t realize abundance and hoard,steal and even kill to keep a few pieces of metal….I know it sounds unbelievable but I swear to you,little darlings, it is true.

So this is where Prince Rouge came in, he said he would help us to hide till his lovely Princess of the White Rose found the place where the sun and moon kissed. When that day came it would be safe to come out of hiding and he would demand of his Father the right to rule,and we could safely teach THEM,there is abundance for all. There is no need to hoard,steal or kill.If they give to each other,abundance will grow and harvest will be year long.

It has been many years since we have seen our lovely Princes White Rose BUT on my way to teach the frogs how to sing this morning a toad stopped my, he said in a whisper  “On the next full moon legend has it a rose blanc will see the Sun kiss the Moon.”

“Do you realize what this means?” we may be able to come out night and day and dance freely anywhere we wish. We won’t have to teach our babies about fear and how to hide, just to be themselves.

“Oh ,oh, I can barely contain my self” let’s go to the hollow and find Prince Rouge, he will have an idea of what we should d.o”

Till next week my darlings. In the dark of night, pray that Princess of the White Rose and Prince Rouge are reunited. Where do you think she will see the sun kiss the moon?

Oh and my darlings, remember the Princess said if you would write in, she would answer three questions about any problems you might be having. She will do this   every week but give her enough information so she can truly hear what you are saying wee ones. That is all,oh,oh,I’m off to see if the toad was telling the truth!